European culture: past, present, future

Course tutors:

Prof. dr. Jelena Todorović Prof. dr. Nikola Šuica

Guest lecturers: Prof. Čedomir Vasić,  Prof. Milica Bajić


Autumn term 2015 Tuesdays 16-17:30 TBC


What is the past? How do we differentiate between history and the past? What is memory, how it is created and how manipulated? Where are the origins of our understanding of space? Can the whole world be ’in one cabinet shut’? Can there be a space without time? How do we imagine and how do we explain spaces?

All of those and other questions, fundamental for European culture would be addressed during this course. The students, in this term would research some of the universal concepts that are current in the European history that equaly mark its past, its present and its future. The main aim of the course is to enable students to grasp the concepts of time and space in European cultural history; and to gain a deeper knowledge of these ideas, that are of such importance for the perception of our present, but also for the envisioning of the future.


The course would be assessed through the oral presentations of one of the topic of the course. The mark would be formed in the following manner: attendance and course work 30%, oral presentation 70%.




Master unesco in Rectorate prog 13

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